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Viollier Company Profile

Does history foretell the future?

Viollier’s solid foundation

In 1953, the physician Georges Viollier founded the first Viollier laboratory in Basel, at home in his basement. On their way home from school, his four children would cycle past the milk boxes of local physicians, pick up sample material and bring it to the lab: Basel’s first bike messenger was born.

The second generation, Anne-Françoise Viollier MD, Edouard H. Viollier MD, and Marc-André Viollier MD, gradually took over the reins. Soon, the third generation was preparing preanalytics kits for clients during school holidays. Today, Edouard H. Viollier’s children, economist Dominic Viollier (lic. oec. HSG), and psychologist Natalie Krebser-Viollier (lic. phil.) are also actively involved in the company. Both daughters of Anne-Françoise Viollier MD are in the final stages of their professional training as medical doctors.

In 1986, the foundation was laid for the first two buildings of the state of the art laboratory center in Allschwil, which went into operation in 1988 and 1989. A third lab building was added to the center in 2014.

It took a total of 28 years from planning to completion of these three lab buildings.

Viollier three lab buildings

Existing processes as well as spatial and organizational structures were carefully scrutinized, overhauled, and adapted to both current and future needs. This created the prerequisites for numerous attractive and pioneering jobs.

Over 80 physicians, biologists, chemists, dermatopathologists, geneticists, haematologists, immunologists, computer scientists, lawyers, cardiologists, logistics specialists, microbiologists, molecular biologists, economists, pathologists, pharmacists, pneumologists, reproductive specialists, toxicologists, and cytologists support our clients through their interdisciplinary work - with both inpatient and outpatient services.

Attractive, highly specialized training opportunities (internships, apprenticeships, vocational certificates, advanced professional examinations, specialized further medical training (FAMH and FMH), as well as management and leadership training) are currently being strengthened and expanded on a regular basis.

Innovative molecular techniques enable the rapid, broad-based detection of infectious agents as a basis for successful treatment.

v-natal®, the non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT), sets new standards in prenatal medicine (fetal trisomy detection through DNA sequencing) and supplements existing risk assessments. Personalized therapy approaches based on the results of tissue biopsies or blood tests mean increasingly better survival chances, and even recovery, for patients with various tumor diseases. The will to keep improving on established laboratory medicine techniques, and to put new ideas to work, translates to valuable contributions to medical progress.

This is by no means the vision, work, or success of a single person, these achievements have resulted from the ongoing commitment of a family to its clients and a motivated team with over 680 employees - each and every one of them top-notch specialists in their fields.

This dynamic and growing family company is based on visionary, sustainable management with authentic values and skills at all levels. Its core message: 'Long-term thinking, sustainable action'.

Today, the productivity of clients is considerably enhanced with v-consult® for easy test orders and result queries in real time and the v-box® for stable integration of POCT units free of charge.

These products are the result of close collaboration with dedicated partners, a specialized consulting team, and highly innovative IT specialists.

The v-shop® meets the widespread need for 'Medical products - easy to order, purchased at low cost, and delivered rapidly' among our clients.

20 locations in all language regions in Switzerland

Viollier is currently represented at over 38 locations in all language regions in Switzerland. The logo with the Swiss cross and the spatial surfaces symbolizes the company's activities throughout Switzerland.

The multilingual consulting team and Customer Service Center as well as client services and sales representatives are all one-of-a-kind in terms of their dedication, skill, and experience, and they are available to provide support and advice around the clock, 24/7.

In short:

Viollier – more than a medical laboratory