Corina Fuchs
Med. practice assistant
Education and professional experience
2017 Sales representative, Viollier AG, Allschwil
2015 Product specialist, Admedics AG, Zuchwil
2013 Key Account Manager, Jota AG, Rüthi
2012 Teacher, Technical qualification, Administration and Computer science, BZGS, St. Gallen
2010 Key Account Manager, Streuli-Pharma, Uznach
2008 Assistant during operations, Dr. Meier, Winterthur
2006 Clinic manager, Dr. Leberda and Dr. Baltesperger, Winterthur
2002 DMA, Dr Gründler, St. Gallen
1999 DMA, Dr. Triaca, Zürich
1999 DMA, Dr. Stössel, St. Gallen
1997 Nurse, Bürgerspital, St. Gallen
1996 Caregiver, Seniors residence, St. Gallen
1990 Education as dental med. assistant, Dr. Böhme, St. Gallen