Cardiology and Pneumology

With heart for the heart

Viollier conducts the following analyses in order to guarantee the best possible level of patient care by primary care physicians, including for cardiopulmonary patients:

CardiologyOutpatient clinicMedical practice
Respiratory function test
Helicobacter pylori, lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance
Exercise test
Bicycle ergometry,  Spiroergometry
Blood pressure
24h blood pressure
Blood withdrawal
Full range of laboratroy test,
function tests
Transthoracic, transesophageal, under pharmacological or dynamic stress
24h ECG, 7-day ECG, resting ECG*
(*only available in Basel)
Bone-marrow puncture
Pacemaker checkup
Nocturnal pulse oximetry, polygraphy, actigraphy
Lung function test
Smoking cessation counseling
Driving suitability clarification


Monitoring devices

Records produced by the latest monitoring devices, and diagnosis and consultation by Viollier's highly experienced cardiologists and pneumologists, provide you after cardiopulmonary examination, with a well-founded decision-making basis of high clinical significance.