Stable integration of your POCT devices free of charge

v-box: free integration

Free integration

Stable integration of your POCT devices free of charge – no licence, support or service fees

v-box: All in one

All in one

Single report (individual or cumulative) with your POCT and Viollier results

v-box: simplified interpretation of results

Simplified interpretation of results

Your POCT results with age, gender, and device specific reference values from Viollier

v-box: anywhere and anytime

Anywhere and anytime

24/7 real-time access to all your POCT and Viollier results where ever you are

Location-independent label printing

  • Popularity of v-consult® und v-box®

    More and more customers are joining the 800+ satisfied v-consult® and v-box® users (as of October 2015). The map shows the increase in locations of customers which are using v-consult® and v-box®.

  • Use of v-box® and v-consult® in a medical practice or a hospital

    v-box: use in a medical practice or a hospital
  • Software compatibility: Who is able to do what?

    HL7 report (incl. PDF)
    via v-box®
    POCT billing
    Achilles™ (Axonlab AG)    
    Aeskulap (Kern Concept AG)
    curaPrax (Swisscom Health AG)  
    e paad (Compass IT AG)    
    E-Medicus (E-Medicus GmbH)    
    Elexis (Medelexis AG)
    Handy Patients (Handylife Sàrl)
    KISIM (Cistec AG)    
    MedicoWin (InfoCall Produkte AG)    
    Mediway (Logival SA)  
    MediWin CB (Ärztekasse)    
    Nexus KIS (Nexus Schweiz GmbH)    
    Pex II (Delemed AG)    
    Phoenix (CompuGroup AG)    
    SiMed (Amétiq AG)
    Triamed (HCI Solutions AG) (✔) only def. reports
    Vitomed (Vitodata AG)
    Winmed (TMR AG)    
  • POCT devices that can be integrated

    Afinion™ AS100Piccolo xpress™
    CoaguChek® XS PlusReflotron® Sprint / Plus
    cobas h 232Spotchem™ EL SE-1520 / EZ SP-4430 / D-Concept
     DCA Vantage®XP-300™ / KX-21™ / pocH-100i™
    DRI-CHEM 3500i / 4000i / 7000i / NX500iTriage® MeterPro
    Micros 60 / Microsemi CRPUrisys® 1100