Easy prescription and report query in real time


TOP 50 analyses according to individual prescription practice

Prescription of POCT and Viollier analyses, singly or in individual diagnostic profiles

Pathology, visual with differentiated topographies

Time saved

Quick access with no manual registration and with direct transfer of patient data from practice software / hospital information systems

Efficient analysis search with Clinical Decision Support based on clinical indication

Shipping material, frequency and duration of the analysis, as well as sample stability at a glance

Add-on request with one click, automatically taking account of sample material and stability

Enhanced quality

Important preanalytic flags, on-screen and on labels, such as ‘fasting’, ‘centrifugate’, ‘protect from light’

Sample list with sampling material and sample quantity in optimal sequential order

Labels for easy, safe, and quick labeling of samples

Anywhere and anytime

24/7, location and device independent prescription and report query

Status overview of your orders in real time for perfect tracking

  • Popularity of v-consult® und v-box®

    More and more customers are joining the 800+ satisfied v-consult® and v-box® users (as of October 2015). The map shows the increase in locations of customers which are using v-consult® and v-box®.

  • Process

  • Software compatibility: Who is able to do what?

    HL7 report (incl. PDF)
    via v-box®
    POCT billing
    Achilles™ (Axonlab AG)    
    Aeskulap (Kern Concept AG)
    curaPrax (Swisscom Health AG)  
    e paad (Compass IT AG)    
    E-Medicus (E-Medicus GmbH)    
    Elexis (Medelexis AG)
    Handy Patients (Handylife Sàrl)
    KISIM (Cistec AG)    
    MedicoWin (InfoCall Produkte AG)    
    Mediway (Logival SA)  
    MediWin CB (Ärztekasse)    
    Nexus KIS (Nexus Schweiz GmbH)    
    Pex II (Delemed AG)    
    Phoenix (CompuGroup AG)    
    SiMed (Amétiq AG)
    Triamed (Swisscom Health AG)
    Vitomed (Vitodata AG)
    Winmed (TMR AG)    
  • Electronic report transfer and query

    Paperless, fast and secure


    • Klinische Labordiagnostik (inklusive POCT via v-box®)
    • Pathologie
    • Kardiologie und Pneumologie (24h-Blutdruck, 24h-EKG, 7-Tage EKG, nächtliche Pulsoxymetrie und Polygrafie) neu inklusive Patientenprotokoll


    mit v-consult®

    Abfrage in Echtzeit, überall und jederzeit, bildschirmoptimierte Darstellung, tabellarisch oder grafisch, auch als PDF

    Voraussetzung: Webbrowser oder Mobile App von Viollier auf Smartphone oder Tablet


    mit v-box®

    Übermittlung in Echtzeit in das elektronische Patientendossier (HL7 + PDF)




    mit MedTransfer (openmedical)

    Übermittlung mehrmals täglich zu fixen Zeiten in das elektronische Patientendossier (HL7 + PDF)

    Voraussetzung: Kompatible Praxissoftware

    Electronic report transferReport query in v-consult®
    FormatHL7 with PDFHTML and PDF
    Prerequisits Practice software /
    Hospital information system
    Web browser
    Display of reports determined byPractice software /
    Hospital information system
    Availability of results
    Delayed, depending on transfer / data import in real time
    Report access
    Practice software /
    Hospital information system
    independent of location, time and device
    Reports storage location
    Medical practice / hospitalViollier
  • Local requirements for using v-consult® and v-box®

    The v-box® and the Dymo printer must have a power supply (2 connections) and an Internet connection (1 LAN RJ45 connection). They must not be disconnected at night or during the weekend!

    Firewall settings with approval of the following outgoing ports and target addresses:

    • TCP Ports 80, 443, 8443 and 9443| UDP Port 123
    • printer.viollier.ch | portal.viollier.ch | poct.viollier.ch | admin.viollier.ch | apt.viollier.ch | software.viollier.ch | results.viollier.ch | ntp.ubuntu.com | pool.ntp.org  


    IP address allocation by DHCP is sufficient if the v-box® is used exclusively as a print server

    A static IP address must be used POCT devices are integrated

    Notification of the IP address, subnet mask, DNS address, and standard gateway with static IP addresses