Viollier Prize

Stipulate engagement to support science

To promote scientific work, under the patronage of the Swiss Society of Internal General Medicine, a prize is being awarded. The original publication should report on experimental or clinical research work with medical laboratory relevance (Clinical laboratory diagnostic, Cardiology, Pathology, Assisted Reproductive Technologies [ART]). The jury committee is composed of two members of the Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine (SSGIM), the FAMH as well as one representative from the industry and one member of Viollier. The committee is led by a president appointed by Viollier. If the jurors are unable to come to a decision, the president has the casting vote in choosing the prizewinner.

The prize amounts to CHF 10,000. It is to be presented on the occasion of the spring meeting of SSGIM.


The prize is aimed at authors who work in Switzerland, contributed significantly to the publication, and were under 40 at the time of publication.

The research work must be published in a peer reviewed journal on the closing date or be accepted for publication. The original work should be written in English or in one of the three national languages (DE, FR, IT). The date of publication for the closing date may however not date back further than 1st January 2020. Only one work may be submitted per author, and only one author will be considered per work.

The documents should include:

  • Original work in electronic form or as hardcopy
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letter

The cover letter for candidacy must include the following information:

  • The author must explicitly express the desire for the manuscript to be examined for the award ceremony.
  • In the event of a publication by multiple authors written declaration of consent from the co-authors is required to declare that the work may be submitted for the prize and that in case of winning the prize the author who submits the work shall be the sole recipient of the award.

The prize is only awarded to the same person once.

Members of the jury committee shall abstain from proceedings if they are the author or co-author.

List of winners of the prize

Andrei Mihai Darie et al.
Fast multiplex bacterial PCR of bronchoalveolar lavage for antibiotic stewardship in hospitalised patients with pneumonia at risk of Gram-negative bacterial infection (Flagship II): a multicentre, randomised controlled trial.
Lancet Respir Med 2022, May 23, 1-11. 2022 Sep;10(9):877-887. doi: 10.1016/S2213-2600(22)00086-8.

Viollier Preis 2023.


Meier S et al.
Serum neurofilament light chain for individual prognostication of disease activity in people with multiple sclerosis: a retrospective modelling and validation study.
Lancet Neurol. 2022 Mar;21(3):246-257. doi: 10.1016/S1474-4422(22)00009-6.

Viollier Preis 2022.


Urwyler S et al.
IL (Interleukin)-1 Receptor Antagonist Increases Ang (Angiotensin [1–7]) and Decreases Blood Pressure in Obese Individuals.
Hypertension. 2020;75:1455-1463.
Viollier Preis 2021.


Boeddinghaus J et al.
Early Diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction With Point-of-Care High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I.
APACE Investigators. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2020 Mar 17;75(10):1111-1124.
Viollier Preis 2020.


Spina V.
Circulating tumor DNA reveals genetics, clonal evolution, and residual disease in classical Hodgkin lymphoma.
Blood. 2018; 131:2413-2425.
Viollier Preis 2019.


Bonnet N.
Serum Levels of a Cathepsin-K Generated Periostin Fragment Predict Incident Low-Trauma Fractures in Postmenopausal Women Independently of BMD and FRAX.
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 2017; pp 2232–2238; doi: 10.1002/jbmr.3203.
Viollier Preis 2018.
Winzeler B et al.
Predictors of nonresponse to fluid restriction in hyponatraemia due to the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuresis.
J Int Med 2016; 280:609-617.
Viollier Preis 2017.
Nagler M et al.
Diagnostic value of immunoassays for heparin-induced thrombocytopenia: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Blood. 2016; 127(5):546-557
Viollier Preis 2016.
Stolz D et al.
Mortality risk prediction in COPD by a prognostic biomarker panel.
Eur Respir J 2014;44:1557-1570.
Viollier Preis 2015.
Kuhle J, Gaiottino J, Norgren N, Dobson R, Topping J, Nissim A, Malaspina A, Bestwick J P, Monsch A U, Regeniter A, Lindberg R L, Kappos L, Leppert D, Petzold A, Giovannoni G.
Increased Neurofilament Light Chain Blood Levels in Neurodegenerative Neurological Diseases.
PLoS ONE 2014;8(9):e75091.
Viollier Preis 2014.
Reny J-L, Berdagué P, Poncet A, Barazer I, Nolli S, Fabbro-Peray P, Schved J-F, Bounameaux H, Mach F, de Moerloose P, Fontana P.
Antiplatelet Drug Response Status Does Not Predict Recurrent Ischemic Events in Stable Cardiovascular Patients: Results of the Antiplatelet Drug Resistances and Ischemic Events Study.
Circulation 2012;125:3201-10. 
Viollier Preis 2013.
Harari A, Rozot V, Bellutti Enders F, Perreau M, Mazza Stalder J, Nicod LP, Cavassini M, Calandra T, Lazor Blanchet C, Jaton K, Faouzi M, Day CL, Hanekom WA, Bart PA, Pantaleo G.
Dominant TNF-α+ Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific CD4+ T cell responses discriminate between latent infection and active disease.
Nature Medicine 2011.;17:372-6. 
Viollier Preis 2012.
Känel T et al.
Quantitative 1-step DNA methylation analysis with native genomic DNA as template.
Clinical Chemistry 2010. 
Viollier Preis 2011.
Greub G et al.
High throughput sequencing and proteomics to identify immunogenic proteins of a new pathogen: the dirty genome approach.
PLOS One 2009.;12. 
Viollier Preis 2010.
Reichlin T, Hochholzer W et al.
Incremental value of copeptin for rapid rule out of acute myocardial infarction.
J of the American College of Cardiology (Impact Factor 11) 2009. 
Viollier Preis 2009.
Altwegg L et al.
Myeloid-related protein 8/14 complex is released by monocytes and granulocytes at the site of coronay occlusion: a novel, early, and sensitive marker of acute coronary syndromes.
Eur Heart J 2007.;28:294-8. 
Viollier Preis 2008.
François P et al.
Exploring glycopeptide-resistance in Staphylococcus aureus: a combined proteomics and transcriptomics approach for the identification of resistance-related markers.
BMC Genomics 2006.;7:296. 
Viollier Preis 2007.
Savic S et al.
Multi-target fluorescence in situ hybridization elucidates equivocal lung cytology.
Chest 2006.;129:1629-35. 
Viollier Preis 2006.
Christ-Crain M et al. 
Effect of procalcitonin-guided treatment on antibiotic use and outcome in lower respiratory tract infections: cluster-randomised, single-blinded intervention trial.
The Lancet 2004.;dis363:600-7. 
Viollier Preis 2005.
Müller C et al.
Use of B-type natriuretic peptide in the evaluation and management of acute dyspnea.
J of Medicine 2004.;350:647-4. 
Viollier Preis 2004.
Berneis K et al.
Combined stimulation of adrenocorticotropin and compound-S by single dose metyrapone test as an outpatient procedure of assess-hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal function.
J of Clin Endocrinology & Metabolism 2002.;87(12):5470-5. 
Viollier Preis 2003.