Accreditation / Certification

High quality and continuous progress

Quality as a guarantee

Thanks to comprehensive quality assurance, Viollier guarantees customers and patients unique services at the cutting edge of laboratory medicine and technology. The high quality is ensured through the following internal measures:

  • Standardized and validated analyses and processes
  • Observation of national and international quality assurance standards
  • Strictest safety precautions for employees
  • Extensive training and further education for employees

Viollier is committed to complying with the international standard SN EN ISO 15189 ‘Medical laboratories – Requirements for quality and competence’. This is monitored through periodic audits of the Swiss Accreditation Service SAS (SMTS 0069). For customers and patients, being able to rely on this external confirmation of our professional competence means that all laboratory medical processes correspond to the latest advancements in science and technology.


Data protection

Handling personal data securely as well as fulfilling data protection law and contractual principles, including the highest level of information security, are central to Viollier.   

Viollier’s data protection management is certified in accordance with the internationally recognized data protection quality seal GoodPriv@cy® and confirms the exemplary manner in which we implement data protection and associated information security. All Viollier employees are subject to medical confidentiality.

With Viollier, your data is secure!