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Why Viollier?

It has never been so easy!

Update your process with our digital solutions to the state-of-the-art level of laboratory medicine and technology. Prescription, sampling and correct pre-analysis become a breeze and boost your quality decisively.

It can not be more efficient!

The process and handling are so simple and intuitive that you can devote even more valuable time to your patients.

We are only satisfied when it is no longer easier and faster.

Anywhere and anytime!

You have access to your laboratory results (including results from your practice laboratory) and post-prescription regardless of location and time. For critical results and emergencies, you will immediately receive a message on your smartphone or tablet.

Your advantages

  • Optimized processes based on the state-of-the-art laboratory medicine and technology
  • Interlocking components that are already coordinated during development
  • Unique overall integration of Point of Care Testing respectively your practice laboratory
  • Installation, training and support for free and from a single source
  • Simple, intuitive and time-saving handling
  • Eye on all relevant information at any time
That’s how it works

Start the web application v-consult® directly from your practice / hospital information system with automatic login and submission of patient data; Prescription of internal and external analyses – as simple, intuitive and time-saving as never before.

Label printing

Upon completion of the prescription, the label printer connected to the v-box® will print the labels needed to label the sample. For Point of Care, e.g. at practice laboratory carried out analyses, the labels are printed separately.


For explicit sample labeling and to exclude a mix-up of samples, each label has a barcode, patient's first name, name and date of birth, and a clear name for the tube.


The screen and the printed labels show the type, number and sequence in which order the tubes should be sampled as well as the correct pre-analysis.

Point of Care Testing
Point of Care Testing I

The sample identification for Point of Care carried out analyses is preferably done via clear barcode or manual entry of the patient no. on the analyzer.

Point of Care Testing II

Automatic and immediate assignment of the analysis results to the corresponding order. An incorrect assignment of results or a faulty transmission are thus excluded. This not only saves you a lot of time, but also significantly increases the quality in your practice laboratory.

External analyses

Packaging of the sample material for the external analyses carried out at Viollier.

Evaluation of the results

A few seconds after the analysis results are available, they are already visible in v-consult® or your practice / hospital information system. The optimal result display showing graphic progression of the results incl. reference values as well as the age- and gender-specific reference values for an even better interpretation.

For the fast and reliable transmission of reports as well as the reliable and free integration of your laboratory equipment.
For the easy prescription and report query in real time as well as the state-of-the-art processes of laboratory medicine and technology.
Viollier App
For location and time-independent access to reports, messages in critical situations as well as post-prescription by a tap of a finger.