Unique skills and quality

At Viollier, we have a committed team consisting of a total of 30 specialists (pathologists, cytopathologists, and dermatopathologists) covering the entire diagnostic spectrum.

Viollier has implemented a number of measures to ensure quick and precise diagnostics:

  • Every histopathological and cytological report is double-checked by a second pathologist.
  • All cases in which a malignancy has been diagnosed are diagnosed by two different pathologists independently.
  • Every day, we jointly assess cases under a multi-observer microscope and discuss them as a team.
  • All microscopes are fitted with discussion bridges, which means that cases can be discussed at any workstation at any time.


Molecular Pathology

Molecular pathology has seen dynamic advances in recent years, and has now become an indispensable part of the examination of cell and tissue samples. It helps to prepare precise diagnoses and forms the basis for increasing personalization in medicine with tailored treatments in the face of the growing incidence of tumors.


Turn around Time (TAT)

Optimized processes and our own Switzerland-wide pick-up service minimize turnaround times. In general, the results of biopsies and extragenital cytology are reported on the subsequent working day, and those for excised materials and ectomies after two working days.


Tumor Boards

Our pathologists from Viollier are committed in numerous tumor boards. These boards serve as a forum for looking at selected topics or cases from an interdisciplinary perspective, and for discussing diagnostics and treatment.


Rapid Incision Diagnostics

Intraoperative rapid incision examinations are offered not only at our locations in Allschwil, Epalinges, and Geneva but also in addition on site in numerous hospitals.


Prescriptions in v-consult®
For pathology prescriptions a large range of topographies is available for precise indication of sampling site.