Clear illustrations for correct sampling and safe sample transport

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Cytology – extragenital
Blood sampling – ECP
H₂ Breath Test
¹³C respiratory test – Helicobacter pylori
Blood culture – bacteria and yeasts: Vacutainer®
Blood culture – bacteria and yeasts: Monovette®
Feces – Early detection of bowel cancer (Occult blood tube)
Swab – buccal mucosa (human genetics)
Atemtest H₂ / CH₄
Swab – gynecological cytology, PCR detection of pathogens: ThinPrep®
In what order do I have to use the collection tubes? | How do I centrifuge correctly?
Blood sample – blood smear
Blood sampling – coagulation
Blood sampling – cold agglutinins
Blood sampling capillary – plasma, serum
Blood sample – cryo instructions
Blood sampling – cryoglobulins
Blood sampling – plasma, serum
Urine – bacteria and yeasts, collection of clean-catch urine
Urine – bacteria and yeasts, collection of clean-catch urine (russian version)
Urine – chemistry analyses: 24h collection-urine
Urine – chemistry analyses: dietary precautions
Urine – chemistry analyses: spot urine
Urine – pathogen detection: antigens and PCR
Feces – microbiology (Cary-Blair)
Feces – microbiology / chemistry (native)
Feces – parasites: Oxyuris (Enterobius vermicularis)
Feces – parasitology (SAF)
Saliva – saliva collection
Secretions – respiratory tract
Reproductive medicine – sperm
Aspirate – joint
Punctate – general bacteriology
Biopsy – bacteriology
Biopsy – pathology
Swab – bacteriology, virology, PCR: pathogen detection, urogenital
Swab – bacteriology, virology, PCR: respiratory pathogens, nasopharynx
Swab – gynecological cytology: conventional method
Swab – genetic pedigree
Swab – bacteriology, virology, general PCR
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