Monitoring devices

Recording cardiopulmonary issues in a familiar environment for reliable diagnosis with high clinical significance

Records produced by the latest monitoring devices, and diagnosis and consultation by Viollier's highly experienced cardiologists and pneumologists, provide you after cardiopulmonary examination, with a well-founded decision-making basis of high clinical significance. It also helps treat your patients with cardiopulmonary issues.

For cardiovascular issues
24h ECG

Continuous recording of the ECG during 24 hours with daily issues

7-day ECG

Continuous recording of the ECG for a maximum of 7 days in case of intermittent issues

24h blood pressure

Continuous recording of blood pressure during 24h for reliable diagnosis and therapy control under everyday conditions

For respiratory issues
Pulse oximetry

Records the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin at home in a familiar environment for the diagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome and other sleep disorders.


Polygraphy also records breath excursion in the chest / abdomen, respiratory flow to the nose / mouth, body position, leg movements and ECG.

That’s how it works

  • Free devices delivery by our customer service direct in your practice
  • Device mounting on the patient according to instructions
  • Free devices pick-up by our customer service direct in your practice
  • You will receive a report with high clinical significance within 24 hours from our experienced cardiologists and pulmonologists
  • 24h ECG and 7-days ECG: You bill once  the Tarmed position 17.0130 (62.77 TP) for the mounting and dismountig of the monitor in the physicians' practice.
  • Invoicing for the evaluation of monitoring devices is done by us directly to the insurer / patient.
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