For the fast and reliable transmission of reports as well as the reliable and free integration of your laboratory equipment.

Why the v-box®?

The v-box® guarantees secure, stable and fastest possible data transmission of internal and external laboratory results directly into your practice / clinic information system, the web application v-consult® and the Viollier app.

The v-box® brings together in a single report laboratory analyses carried out at practice laboratory and at Viollier.

Your results are automatically extended with the correct age-, gender- and device specific reference values

The v-box® reduces the number of companies involved, increases the stability of data transmission and thus simplifies the communication.

You have one contact for your internally and externally carried out laboratory analyses.

Your advantages

  • Unique integration of your practice laboratory (Point of Care Testing)
  • Combining the results of internally in the practice laboratory and externally carried out analyses in one report
  • Results from the practice laboratory are automatically extended with the correct age-, gender- and device specific reference values
  • Management of the reference values of your practice laboratory analyses by Viollier laboratory specialists
  • One contact for both Point of Care and externally carried out analyses
  • Stable integration of your POCT devices free of charge – no licence, support or service fees
  • Installation, training and support for free and from a single source
That’s how it works
  1. Prescription of internal and external analyses
  2. Print of the labels
  3. Labeling of the sample material for internal and external analyses; sampling
  4. Carrying out internal and external laboratory analyses
  5. Automatic and error-free assignment of internal analysis results
  6. Extending internal results with reference, age- and gender-specific reference values as well as merging with external results in one report
  7. Query of reports in your practice / clinic information system and v-consult®
  8. Access to internal and external results as well as push messages via Viollier app – anywhere, anytime

POCT devices that can be integrated

Afinion™ 2 / Afinion™ AS100 Microsemi CRP / Micros 60
CoaguChek® Pro II / CoaguChek® XS Plus Piccolo xpress™
cobas b 101 Spotchem™ EL SE-1520 / EZ SP-4430 / D-Concept
cobas h 232 Triage® MeterPro
DCA Vantage® UC-1000
DRI-CHEM 3500i / 4000i / 7000i / NX500i / NX700 Urisys® 1100
Hemocue Glucose 201 DM / Hb 201 DM XP-300™ / pocH-100i™ / KX-21™