My Viollier

The patient app for a direct access of your own reports

What is My Viollier?

As a patient, you can access your Viollier findings and results going as far back as 1997 with the My Viollier App.

This gives you immediate certainty in critical situations and prevents unnecessary repeated testing. As a result, healthcare costs can be reduced.

In addition to results from Viollier, the app displays other results from the doctor's practice laboratory – provided the laboratory devices used are connected via v-box®

In order to use My Viollier, you will need:

  • your smartphone
  • your e-mail address
  • your AHV no.

A multi-step process during both registration and activation ensures maximum security. Activation of your data for My Viollier access is carried out by your doctor. Ask your doctor for My Viollier approval.

That’s how it works

After your doctor has approved your details in v-consult®, Viollier will send you a SMS with a link for registration and activation. Tap this link to start the registration / activation process.

You register in the My Viollier App using your e-mail address and a password. If registration is not carried out within 7 days of the date the SMS was sent, you will need to request access from your doctor again.

A link will be sent to your e-mail address to confirm your registration and verify your e-mail address. Tap the link in the e-mail to complete the registration process before logging into the app for the first time.


After you have successfully registered, you can log in with your e-mail address and password. If you have forgotten your password or would like to change it, you can set a new one using the 'Forgot password' function.


After logging into My Viollier, you must activate the access granted to you by your doctor one more time using your AHV no. and your date of birth. The activation applies to both past and future orders from this doctor.


You can select different ways of logging on in the settings depending on the mobile device used. You can also change the language settings here.

You can request access to your Viollier findings from additional doctors at any time. If another doctor gives you access to your findings, Viollier will send you another SMS with a link. Tap the link to open the app, and after successfully registering you will again be able to activate the access with your AHV no. and your date of birth within 7 days.



What is My Viollier?

The My Viollier App allows you as the patient to access all your reports and results from Viollier from 1997 onwards.

Why use My Viollier?

As a patient, you are the owner of all your medical reports – so you should be able to access and view them at any time. This means you can be certain of your data in critical situations. It also avoids unnecessary repeated testing. As a result, healthcare costs can be reduced.

What results and reports can I access using My Viollier?

After the doctor treating you has carried out a one-time approval of your data, you will be able to access your Viollier reports in the My Viollier App. The approval is carried out in v-consult® and is applicable to both past and future orders by this doctor. Provided the laboratory devices used are connected through v-box®, other results from your doctor’s practice laboratory will be shown in addition to your Viollier results.

Which conditions need to be met that I will be able to use My Viollier to access my results and reports?

Your doctor must order the investigation from Viollier. In addition to this, your doctor needs access to v-consult®. There, he will be able to grant you access to My Viollier using your mobile no. and your AHV no. An AHV no. is required to use My Viollier.

After your doctor has completed the approval, Viollier will send you a SMS with a link to register and activate your account. 

Can I choose which laboratory will carry out the analysis of my results?

Yes. According to Article 41 of the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (KVG), insured persons undergoing outpatient treatment are free to choose from the authorized providers suitable for the treatment of their condition. The insurer will bear the costs based on the rate charged by the provider chosen.

How do I gain access to My Viollier?

Ask your doctor to give you access to My Viollier. Activation of your data for My Viollier access must be carried out by your doctor. It is not possible for Viollier to carry out the activation directly.

To register and activate your access, you will need your smartphone (iOS or Android), your AHV no., and your e-mail address. A multi-step process ensures maximum security.

Can I ask my doctor for access to My Viollier?

Yes. Under Swiss law, Article 8 of the Federal Data Protection Act (DSG) the doctor has to make the medical records available to the patient if so requested. The doctor is required to make all information available  – including, for example, test results, lab and X-ray reports, diagnoses, medical opinions, reports and medical certificates.

What devices can My Viollier be installed on?

You can install My Viollier on all mobile devices that run up-to-date iOS or Android operating systems.

Where can I find the My Viollier App?

You can download the My Viollier App from the App Store and Google Play.

Registration and activation

How do I register for My Viollier?

As soon as your doctor has approved the access to your reports, Viollier will send you a SMS with a registration link. Using this link, you will be able to install My Viollier on your device and register for the service using your e-mail address and a password. If the registration is not carried out within 7 days from the date the SMS was sent, you will need to request access from your doctor again.

After you have logged in to My Viollier for the first time, you will need to activate the access provided by your doctor using your AHV no. and date of birth.

How can I see my reports from other doctors?

After you have successfully registered, you can ask as many other doctors as you like to provide you with access to your Viollier reports. As soon as an additional doctor approves access to your reports, you will receive another SMS with a link from Viollier. Clicking the link will open the app, and once you have successfully logged in you will be able to activate your access using your AHV no. and your date of birth within the next 7 days.

What should I do if more than 7 days have passed between the SMS being sent and activating my account?

Contact your doctor and ask for access again. You will receive another SMS, which will also be valid for 7 days.

How do I update personal details such as my name and address?

You can change your details by contacting and providing your date of birth, AHV no. and Vio-no. (you can find this on your PDF report or invoice).

Take care to ensure that your doctor also updates your details in their own records before your next prescription.


How do I log in?

Once you have successfully registered you will be able to use your e-mail address and password to log in.

I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?

Click "Forgot password?" on the My Viollier login page. You will receive an e-mail with further instructions. If you do not receive the e-mail, please check your junk mail folder.

How can I change my password?

Click "Forgot password?" on the My Viollier login page. You will receive an e-mail with further instructions. If you do not receive the e-mail, please check your junk mail folder.

I have a new e-mail address. Where can I update this?

It is not possible to change the e-mail address for your account. If you wish to use a different e-mail address, you will need to re-register and contact all your doctors so that they can carry out the approval and activation process again.

Reports and results

When will I be able to see my results in My Viollier?

The availability of the results depends on the analysis time and frequency. Most results will become available on the same day that the sample material arrives in the laboratory. As soon as a result is available, it will be shown in real time.

Why can’t I see any reports after logging in?

This may be caused by one of the following reasons:

  1. Your doctor has not yet granted you access to the orders he has commissioned, and you have therefore not yet received a SMS to activate your account from Viollier. → Ask your doctor to approve your access to My Viollier.
  2. Your doctor has approved your access and you have received the SMS from Viollier, but you have not yet clicked on the link provided. → Click on the link in the SMS you received.
  3. Your doctor has given you access and you have clicked on the link in the SMS you received from Viollier, but you did not confirm your access by providing your date of birth and AHV no. in My Viollier within 7 days. → Ask your doctor to approve your access to My Viollier again.
  4. There are no reports available yet. → Check again later.

What are the reference values or reference ranges?

The reference values indicate the values measured in approximately 95% of healthy people. That means that one in every twenty healthy individuals is outside this reference range. A value outside the reference range does not automatically mean that you are ill. The doctor treating you needs to assess the results together with your symptoms and other test results.

The testing laboratory’s reference values help your doctor assess your results. Some reference ranges are dependent on the patient’s age or sex, as well as on the analysis methods used to carry out the measurement. This means that results from different laboratories may not be directly comparable, as different analysis methods may have been used to obtain them.

Who can I speak to about interpreting my results?

Speak to your doctor who ordered the analysis if you have any questions about your results.

Can Viollier help me in interpreting my results?

No. Viollier cannot provide any additional information about your results beyond the reference values shown in the reports. In most cases, Viollier is not aware of the medical issue being considered, the indications that prompted the analysis, the results of other tests, or other clinical information about your health. This information is vital for interpreting the results. For this reason, your doctor must consider the results along with your symptoms and all other information and test results in order to interpret them.

Can I share my reports with third parties?

You can open the report as a PDF file in My Viollier. As reports contain particularly sensitive data, they should not be saved on your device or in the Cloud. If you wish to forward your reports to third parties, ensure that the transfer is carried out securely and using encryption.

Can I see the reports of my family members?

No, this is not possible in the current version of My Viollier. All patients must be registered individually using a separate e-mail address.